Who is
LF Turkey?

About Us

“Learning” is a team that has been put in the center of what they are doing and gathered together to create designs and collaborations to learn from each age and from each past person in the most efficient way. We conduct all kinds of training, facilitation and research activities in order for individuals to become aware of their own learning processes and manage their own learning processes over time.

In particular, experiential learning, self-managed learning, learning concepts with games to ensure that individuals reach larger audiences in Turkey, we design trainings for NGOs and private organizations. We are committed to presenting learning in a more entertaining, creative and innovative way in every design we perform.

We are trying to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the individuals in a sense with the trainings we make.

At the same time, we have been using international networks for many years to cooperate with other universities and language courses and provide counseling services so that students can study in different countries.

Our team has been in this field for many years for many different countries and individuals who have achieved success.

Our Principles;

Scientific; Every work we do is based on science.

Continuity; education and learning is a lifelong process.

Learning Everywhere; Education and learning can be structured and facilitated not only at formal or private educational institutions, but at home, at work, and in all social settings.

Individual and community needs; Training and learning processes are designed to be gore for individuals and societies.

Cooperation; provide positive contributions to learning the right collaborations with different stakeholders.

Creativity and innovation; innovative and innovative methods are developed and developed taking into account the findings of recent researches rather than traditional education and learning approaches.

Learning by Having Fun; Learning is made fun and learning by having fun creates more lasting effects.